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"I'm a self employed artist who has just healed her ailing business and boosted it up into a higher zone through easy changes and marketing on a miniscule shoe string budget.

I had been working harder and harder for less and less: what had been a happy little busines was fading away. I kept trying different approaches but non were really working. How did I achieve a turnaround?

An initial free consultation with Catherine and within the first five minutes of the consultation I knew that investing in Catherines programme was a way forward. She absolutely tuned into my wavelength, asked questions and made observations that led to the heart of the matter and offered solutions, but most importantly got me thinking about how to identify problems and find solutions for myself. Her approach is infinately practical, down to earth and totally realistic."
Joy - Greenhalgh Glass

"Catherine gave me the direction and motivation I needed to pick up the phone to some prospects and within the space of 5 calls I had made two contacts who were very positive and I am actively pursuing business opportunities with them now".
Lyn - Catalysts At Work

"Thank you very much for today, the outputs are amongst the best I can recall from such a session."
David - East Midlands Trains

Some of our results...

  • Increased sales of educational software by 45% over a two-year period.
  • Negotiated 20% savings on advertising rates across several magazines.
  • 65% attendance rate for customer promotional event.
  • Keynote speakers and 40 delegates for MoD consultancy.
  • Business up 15% on previous year for an automotive business.
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