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Attract more customers, more sales and more income

Improve Now! Program for small business owners

Is this you?
You are self-employed or running a small business, you are great at what you do and determined to make your business a success but you seem to be working lots of hours and don’t have the income to show for it.

Your challenges seem to be…
• A need to increase sales and income
• Remaining motivated and focused with your marketing activities
• Increasing your customers with limited marketing budget
• Finding the time to promote your business effectively
• Standing out from the competition
• Having confidence that your marketing efforts will work

How we will help your business
We aim to energise your marketing approach and provide you with strategies to ensure your marketing efforts yield great results. We help you to work smarter, not harder and create a plan of action that will have a major impact on your business and you.

Heres what you get...

  • Highly experienced marketing and business development coach
  • A fresh look and review of your marketing activities
  • One-to-one monthly coaching reviews of 2 hours each month
  • Easy to implement ideas to attract more customers into your business
  • Telephone and email support to keep you motivated
  • A monthly action plan focused specifically on progressing your business

What is your investment?
• Your commitment and motivation to want to grow your business
• The Improve Now! Program runs over 3 months and costs £75 per month (All inclusive for £225).

Contact us to secure your place:
07895 389919


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