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The Secret to a Successful Business is to be Busy!
28 February 2014 | By Catherine Wheatcroft

We have all heard the term to be a busy fool and although we don’t want to be branded as one…typically most of us are very good at it!

When I talk about being a busy fool I am actually referring to those people that are always busy, rushing around with too much to do and a task list as long as your arm. But these people are seldom busy on important things, like client work or fulfilling customer orders. They are busy being busy, because it makes them feel like they are moving things forward, when in all probability, they are not.

So what we really want to aim for is to be busy doing things that generate income, bring more customers in and put money into our bank accounts.

In contrast to the busy fool, from time to time you will come across people that are really good at being successful. They are the ones that are relaxed with themselves and engaged in work that they truly enjoy, not work that needs to earn a living. They tend to be very focused on being busy with the important things, the things that produce results and things that customers are paying for. Because they are not busy fools, they are great at what they do, very precise and get good results. As a consequence, they create a lot of demand and are then very busy indeed!

We could all benefit from a fresh look at what we are filling our day with and the activities that we are spending our limited time on.

Here are a few tips that might help that process and if all else fails, just keep asking yourself…is what I am doing at the moment important to the business and will it contribute to results?

Concentrate on one activity at a time and put all your mental efforts into not being distracted by external influences like incoming emails or something you have spotted on the internet

Set out your week based on outcomes – those tasks that produce results or contribute to results... and by results, I mean more clients

Question the necessity of each task on your daily or weekly list to ensure they will keep you on target with your aims and goals

Put a time allocation to each task
, as this focuses the mind to getting things done and not being distracted or dropping focus

Follow the rule of 1% marginal gain
…improve everything by just 1% and you will make huge improvements overall

Get started NOW, don’t put it off or let procrastination slow you down from moving forward

Do you need help creating output driven goals and maintaining focus on the important things for your business? Email me at cmw@wheatcroft.info or call me for a helpful starting point chat on 07895 389919.


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