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Why you should profile your customers
11 April 2014

Profiling your customers will help you to target the right areas for marketing and promotional activities. Here is a simple way for you to really understand who your ideal customers are.

Put your Customers to Work
28 March 2014

Here are five top tips on developing opportunities from your exisiting customers and contacts using old-school tactics that still work exceptionally well, but we sometimes forget about.

Learning from Mark Zuckerberg
21 March 2014

Whether you like Facebook or not, you cannot deny Mark Zuckerberg's success. So what can we learn from his successful traits for our own businesses?

Five Top Tips for Better Focus
14 March 2014

These five tips are FREE, easy to achieve and will make a huge difference to what you achieve each day, how you feel at the end of the week and help to train your brain in a positive way.

All I Need is Another Day in the Week!
6 March 2014

Do you battle with time to get everything done or get to the end of the week and wonder what you have achieved? I think we all do to some degree, so here are some tips to help 'create' more time.

The Secret to a Successful Business is to be Busy...or is it!
28 February 2014

Are you a busy fool in your business or a busy success. We explore the options for both and how we should aim for the latter.

Focus on your Process, Not your Goals, for Business Success
14 February 2014

We take a look at how goals can overwhelm us and be difficult to achieve, unless we have a well designed process to follow that will help us to achieve.

Don't Let Fear and Self-Doubt Stop you from Progress
07 February 2014

This article takes a look at how self-doubt and fear can stop us from progressing with our businesses, make us make poor decisions and ultimately stop us from being creative.

Forming Good Habits Will Get You More Customers
28 January 2014

This article looks at how every business owner can use the approach that Dave Brailsford used to win the Tour De France, to make their business even more of a success.

Ten Steps to More Customers This Year
13 January 2014

Increasing the number of customers you have in 2014 may be a hopeful wish or your number one goal. Use these ten steps to help you on your way.


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