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Quick marketing help and support

Half a Day Review
If you do not have a lot of time to spare, need someone to provide a fresh approach or just need some quick and simple ideas to increase customers into your business, this is for you!

We will look at what you are currently doing to attract customers, what is working well or what is not. I will suggest strategies and ideas that are quick and simple to put into place. We will develop a clear plan of action to increase the number of customers and sales into your business.

I will review your entire marketing and promotional approach to ensure that you are not wasting any time, effort or money needlessly and that results are forthcoming.

My help, experience and advice over half a day for a fixed fee of £100.

Contact me to reserve your half day:
07895 389919


As You Need it Support
Sometimes you just need help to solve a problem, run an idea past someone knowledgeable or get a second opinion about the effectiveness of your current marketing efforts.

I can help you to move things forward and find solutions with my one hour session delivered over the telephone or via Skype. These work well to sort out any marketing problems you may have, without you having to take lots of time out of your business.

My one hour help, ideas and advice session costs £25.

Contact me to reserve your one hour session:
07895 389919


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